(pronunciation KWA-ZAY
meaning: Prince born on Sunday)

“multifaceted, lyricist, songwriter, entertainer and producer” are just a few ways to describe this gifted emerging talent from Toronto. Kwazzi embodies the principles of creating music without boundaries – leaving no stone unturned and no sound unheard.

Born August 16, 1994 Kwazzi was introduced to the world in a household filled with music lovers. At just 10 years old, he began expressing his innermost thoughts and emotions through poetry; using blank pages as a form of therapy to provide himself direction through his adolescent years. With over a decade of creative writing, Kwazzi’s talents led him to go against the grain and do what many artists consider to be the “norm” today. When asked why Kwazzi doesn’t use profanity in his everyday life and in his writing, he stated, “…I could, but there are many other words in the English language. I like to challenge myself to find other words to use instead.”

Kwazzi’s rawness and unorthodox melodies, cadence and rhyme schemes seamlessly complement each other and create an overall unique experience for his audience. Although considered to be a Rap/Hip-Hop artist, Kwazzi uses elements from every genre to recount his story and take listeners on a trip through his mental state.

In August 2018, Kwazzi’s devotion to his craft was recognized through the release of his debut EP, iNJOY. In an article featured on HipHopCanada reviewing his 6-track freshman EP it was stated, “With his songwriting ability on full display, and the unique cadences of his rhymes as well as the diversity of songs on the album Kwazzi can be defined as the Chance The Rapper of Toronto.”

November 2018, Kwazzi released his 8-track album titled, Belligerent which featured crowd favourites such as, “U Skurr??” and “900”. Belligerent also consists of two self-produced tracks showcasing his talent in production under the alias Mr. NorthHimself.

Now, almost four years since the release of iNJOY, Kwazzi has performed at 20+ shows, headlined approximately fifteen so far. Kwazzi has mastered the art of creating an unforgettable atmosphere filled with energy and offers the crowd a genuine experience that makes the music come alive.

Over the pandemic, it got hard for smaller acts to truly get their brand out into the world. Kwazzi chose this time to dig deep, practice his craft more then ever before, learned new skills and opened himself to the vulnerability that comes with understanding who you are as person. With this new fire spawned a multitude of music and a new found passion for mixing and engineering music.

“Some looked at the pandemic as a setback or an enormous inconvenience. I saw it more as a reset for life and for the direction I was headed and the goals I had; an opportunity to become better and prepare myself for the success I know is ahead of me. It helped me find my purpose again”

Currently Kwazzi is in the process of creating and recording multiple projects for his fans and listeners. Some are collaborative, others complete produced and engineered by himself, but all of it with intent.

Stay tuned.